A charity that promotes literacy in the youth of our communities.


B4B organizes fundraising efforts in order to help local schools provide adequate reading materials that aid educators in teaching at all reading levels. Fundraising includes, but is not limited to Motorcycle Runs, donations, sponsorships and the sales of B4B Gear.

B4B Gear

Be a walking billboard for the best thing since the invention of electronic fuel injection! Proceeds from the Gear Store help put books in the hands of our children.

Raising Awareness

B4B works diligently in order to raise awareness and promote literacy by establishing a presence in the community and networking with others to do the same. B4B visits local schools & libraries to read to students. B4B makes a presence at community events...

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Coming Full Circle

When I first got into this biker world, I spent a lot of time listening to the old timers, the Greybeards. I spent many hours hearing about the “old days” and how things used to be. I was always taught that before we can look to our future that we must first learn about

From the Heart…

You give us dirty looks when you see us wearing our colors. You try to avoid us in the stores. You lock your car doors when we pull up next to you at a stop light. You think we are the devil and a bad influence on your children. Yes we are bikers and

Our First Post

BIKERS FOR BOOKS  is the brainchild of 3 bikers from 3 different MC’s who shared a passion for reading almost as intense as their passion for being bikers. They enjoyed discussing books and literature as they crossed paths in the summer months while participating in biker runs and parties. More than bikers, these men are