Book Reviews or Not ?

Ive been thinking………………………..dont laugh! It seems to me that just because someone is famous or a good public speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can be a good author. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE SHOVELHEADS, I love to read about them, love to see them, and love to hear them run. I

Nonsense Books Google…

So I woke up in a very weird mood today.  I obviously need more coffee in my system before I interact with people.  I am sure that you, my dear reader, know what I am talking about. So in the interest of perking up my mood, I googled Nonsense Books.  What came up was

A Wrinkle in My Life…

A Wrinkle in My Life. By Jenn Wilbur Lately I have been spending extra time in front of the mirror. Counting. I have never really worked too hard to prevent wrinkles but somehow I was caught off guard by them. They started around my eyes. The results of squinting into the sun and adjusting my vision

Bikers for Books Golf for Literacy….

Summer is coming and one of the joys of summer is hitting the golf course.  Bikers for Books is hosting the 2013 Bikers for Books Golf for Literacy outing.  We hope that you will join us at this fun event.  Lots of things to do and ALL funds will go to support our mission

When I Was Younger…

When I was younger I remember my parents riding motorcycles. They rode both dirt and road bikes. I believe that is where I get my passion for them.  I have raced dirt bikes and also am an active member in a local Motorcycle Club. My son raced motocross for 6 years and he also

My Motorcycle

My motorcycle has taken me many places. I remember going to the Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin, Michigan. We took the highway there because we wanted to get there fast. On the way home, we took some back roads and ended up going through the Hardy Dam, what a beautiful place.  In 2003

Owning My Ignorance…

He sat at the bar with his leathers and patches. For this he was already labeled by many patrons in the small town bar. In fact I too had probably already judged him without even a word exchanged. He risked rejection and approached our table. It took my friends only but one brief glance

This is not MY world….

My husband has always been a “biker”. Well, a biker at heart at least. In the beginning he was a “magazine/Harley T-shirt” biker. He didn’t own a bike but dreamed often of the day he would. Honestly, I didn’t care either way. We were two very different people from two very different backgrounds. I was born the

Fitting In…

As a child growing up, my family practiced a religion that forbade us from celebrating any type of holidays. I remember feeling weird and out of place during the holidays at school. I became a master of lies when my friends asked why I wasn’t dressed for Halloween, or why I couldn’t participate in the gift exchange during