Book Reviews or Not ?

Ive been thinking………………………..dont laugh!

It seems to me that just because someone is famous or a good public speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can be a good author. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE SHOVELHEADS, I love to read about them, love to see them, and love to hear them run. I also love to read about true crime. My favorite is to read everything there is to read about the biker lifestyle. I’ve read many, many books on the subject. Most of those books were good, others, not so much. Just because it was my favorite subject, doesn’t mean that it was good. I also understand that not everyone enjoys the same type of things that I like to read.
I’m a 42 year old service manager of a tractor dealership, a Full Patched Member of a National M/C, a father of two wonderful kids, a husband and involved with as much charity work as I have time for. My perception of things, such as a book is solely based on my likings, past experiences and my ability to relate to the material give in a book. It’s somewhat unfair and selfish for me to foolishly give a “book review” of a book due to the distinct differences in my perception compared to others. I try to be as objective about the books I read, as I possibly can. Does the author set the stage? Does he/she give me enough information to give me a mental picture? Does the author introduce the characters? Does the storyline remain consistent?
I’m not foolish enough to simply “LIKE” a book just because it happens to cover my favorite subject matter. I can name at least three books about the biker lifestyle that I was extremely disappointed in because they were poorly written. I find it hard to “review” a book because I can’t expect everyone to perceive things the same way that I do. I can’t assume that a 80 year old grandma from Poland, a cop, a high school principle, a Girls Scout troop leader, a Korean War Vet, a 70 year old active member of a 1% Motorcycle Club have the same viewpoints as me !
Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I’m knit picking? Maybe I think too much? However, I like to believe that I put a little thought into these things. Something with a little content, something more than just a funny placard or a popular meme about reading……………..

Thoughts of an insane biker who reads and over analyzes things too much ~
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