When I Was Younger…

When I was younger I remember my parents riding motorcycles. They rode both dirt and road bikes. I believe that is where I get my passion for them.  I have raced dirt bikes and also am an active member in a local Motorcycle Club. My son raced motocross for 6 years and he also loves motorcycles. I believe that these things are passed from generation to generation.

My parents also loved to read. My dad would get home from work every day and read the newspaper. (Yes, that was before you could get it online.)  My dad didn’t read many novels that I can remember; a few magazines and the newspaper were all.  My dad was a teacher at LCC and also taught at the career center in Mason. He read lots of manuals and many blue prints.  He is one of the smartest people I know. I don’t think there is anything he can’t fix. He knows the machinist handbook backwards and forwards and can run any piece of machinery. He was also a successful business owner. They owned a home improvement company in Lansing, and when I say they, I mean dad and mom. That was another thing I learned from them, that marriage is a team effort. I remember going to New York because my dad wanted to patent a four season room he had designed. There is another story with that, but I will tell that another time.

My mom loved reading. She would read novels and the newspaper. She especially loved reading thriller novels. One of her favorites was Stephen King. My mom also loved playing word games. She played Boggles all the time with her best friend Dory. They would play for hours, not one or two, more like six or eight. That always worked for me because Dory was my best friend Bobby’s mom. My mom would read magazines also. She carried a dictionary with her all the time. She also liked to carry a pharmaceutical book with her. I believe my mom couldn’t learn enough. She was constantly pushing herself. I think that’s where I get my bull dog tendencies from, as my wife calls them. We don’t give up easily.

I remember growing up we had a set of encyclopedias in the closet at the end of the hall where our bedrooms were. My mom bought them from someone selling them door to door I believe. When we got those it was the coolest thing. It was like having the internet back then. You could just go down the hallway and grab one and look up whatever you wanted. My sister and I use to think of things to look up.  While reading hasn’t always been easy for me, I love books and the places they take me.

I believe, the same as the love of motorcycles is passed from generation to generation, so to is the love of reading. Encourage your kids to read and pick up a book yourself.  SUPPORT BIKERS FOR BOOKS. Tank

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  1. I am very proud of you Mike (Tank). You have grown into a man with good character..

    Love you, Mom

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