Books Have Always Been Part of my Life (Part 2)

My oldest brother Chacho took his position seriously. He lead the way for the rest of us. He lived life to the fullest, he experienced many things, he lived high on the hog, he also sought shelter under its belly. He always pushed things to the limit and sometimes beyond. Eventually his free spirit would take its toll and he would have to pay the piper. My oldest brother was incarcerated in a federal correction facility for 51 months. He and our family suffered a great deal of pain throughout that process. What was born from that was nothing less than AWESOME.
He found a way to express himself through writing. He shared his very most intimate feeling and made his readers feel every emotion he expressed. His book of poems “SONGS OF A TINMAN” would become his pride and joy. He went on to join a national MC and secured himself an officer’s position. He continues to add to his collection and reads, whenever he isn’t riding is chopper (MAD MAX) or his H-D Fat Boy.

My brother Tommy has always enjoyed reading. His brand of literature is much different than ours. Tommy wasn’t interested in fitting in with anybody. It strikes me as ironic that my oldest brother Chacho proudly claimed his place as the “black sheep” of the family; however it seemed to me that Tommy just lived it. Tommy had his own ideas, goals and aspirations in his sights. He knew the quickest way from point “A” to point “B” was a straight line, so he went straight for it and didn’t let anything get in his way. When I graduated from high school, Tommy gave me a book, THE COMPLETE PELICAN SHAKESPERE. Not much of a gift to a newly graduated 17 year old with a pocket full of money from graduation cards. In retrospect, what I failed to realize was that Tommy gave me the one thing that was most important to him. So in essence, he was giving me a part of himself, part of what he holds dear to his heart. Tommy had a lust for William Shakespeare that went unsatisfied. It can only be described as ironic that my brother and William Shakespeare shared the same birthday April 23rd. Tommy went on to cut his own trail and follow his dreams in theatre. He was worked at many prestigious theatres across our nation. He and his wife now teach theatre professionally as well as started their own Shakespearian Theatre Company based right out of mid-Michigan. Both ride their Harley’s when time allows.

My little brother Pooky is the baby of the family. He grew up right as computers and the like were making their way into society. He has developed many leadership qualities throughout his life. He has read a few books over the years; however Pooky mostly enjoys wearing t-shirts that have writing on them. Hahaha…… we love him all the same.

Yeah, I suppose reading and writing have always been held in high regard in our family.
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