Untitled Decree

I HOLD MYSELF TO A HIGHER STANDARD; BECAUSE I AM A BIKER…….. I know I am a representative of a very large community. My actions reflect those of my peers. I make it a point to strive to be well organized, well groomed, to be educated, to be in control, to show respect. I would be the first to help an elderly lady cross the street without dropping a series of F-BOMBS, because it’s the respectable …thing to do. Besides my mom taught me better than that.
The public already has an image in their heads of what a biker should look like or act like, we can’t perpetuate the stereotype. I’m not looking to alter society’s perception of the entire biker world. I’m only trying to set an example for my family. To teach them to show respect, and not allow themselves to be disrespected. To teach them to be a person of conviction, to stand up for what they believe in. To be hard workers, to lead by example, to stand tall and admit their shortcomings in order to learn from them. To think……to be free thinkers, to live life to its fullest because tomorrow is never promised. To appreciate your loved ones, because things change in a hurry. Teach them that there are people less fortunate than us, and that it’s our duty to help every chance we get…………
that’s what I believe, anyway. Big B.

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