From the Heart…

“You give us dirty looks when you see us wearing our colors. You try to avoid us in the stores. You lock your car doors when we pull up next to you at a stop light. You think we are the devil and a bad influence on your children. Yes we are bikers and yes we wear the colors of our club but we are also the bikers who give from the heart. We do charity runs for good causes. And this year we will have a new cause and it is for the children. It is BIKERS FOR BOOKS. Please don’t always think bad of bikers, we have a heart and want to do something good for the kids! And BIKERS FOR BOOKS is how we choose to help not only our own children, but your children as well. Yes I am a biker and belong to a club, but I am also a father and an Uncle, so yes this means a lot to me and everyone who is going to be involved in this!!!! All I ask is that you please support what we are trying to do.
Please support BIKERS FOR BOOKS!!!!”

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