Our First Post


is the brainchild of 3 bikers from 3 different MC’s who shared a passion for reading almost as intense as their passion for being bikers. They enjoyed discussing books and literature as they crossed paths in the summer months while participating in biker runs and parties. More than bikers, these men are husbands, fathers, uncles, and coaches. They all recognized the value and importance of reading and education. All three bikers instilled their passion for reading in their own kids’ lives. They also recognized that books were falling prey to internet, video games, cell phones, and iPads.

They were saddened to hear that their local schools had limited funding to adequately satisfy the educators needs to teach at all levels. Since these bikers participated in countless other fundraising poker runs and similar events, they already had an idea how to raise money. These men decided to take matters into their own hands. They decided to commit to raise money for local schools, to collect new and gently used books to donate to shelters, hospitals, and anyone else that needed them, and do whatever it took to promote and raise awareness for reading. They planned to do it the only way they know how……..MOTORCYCLE RUNS !!!!!!!

When word got out about the efforts of these bikers, the response was overwhelming. They discovered that Mid-Michigan was ripe for this kind of thing. People from every facet of the community had a story and a reason for supporting this effort. Countless people wanted to lend a hand. With the support of their respective Clubs….BIKERS FOR BOOKS was born.

So join us for the Journey of a Lifetime…