A charity that promotes literacy in the youth of our communities.


B4B organizes fundraising efforts in order to help local schools provide adequate reading materials that aid educators in teaching at all reading levels. Fundraising includes, but is not limited to Motorcycle Runs, donations, sponsorships and the sales of B4B Gear.

B4B Gear

Be a walking billboard for the best thing since the invention of electronic fuel injection! Proceeds from the Gear Store help put books in the hands of our children.

Raising Awareness

B4B works diligently in order to raise awareness and promote literacy by establishing a presence in the community and networking with others to do the same. B4B visits local schools & libraries to read to students. B4B makes a presence at community events...

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Hey guys! Be sure to check out our brand new Book Reviews tab! This is an addition we have wanted to make for a long time and we finally did it! GO CHECK IT

Book Reviews or Not ?

Ive been thinking………………………..dont laugh! It seems to me that just because someone is famous or a good public speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can be a good author. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE SHOVELHEADS, I love to read about them, love to see them, and love to hear them run. I

Press Release: Coming to a Theater Near You!

Lansing, MI – August 24, 2015 - Motorcycle riders and the public are invited to participate in the 3rd annual Bikers For Books charity motorcycle ride on Saturday, September 12th, while movie camera crews film author Edward Winterhalder. Bikers for Books is a non-profit organization that supplies elementary schools in southern Michigan with age appropriate

Let the anticipation build !!!

I can't hardly contain myself. What started as a simple Facebook post by our friend Tonja Hewitt and a foolish idea from Kendra and myself has grown into a very big monster !!! Our little dream has become a very serious reality. Bikers for Books has grown into a life of it's own. The project

Nonsense Books Google…

So I woke up in a very weird mood today.  I obviously need more coffee in my system before I interact with people.  I am sure that you, my dear reader, know what I am talking about. So in the interest of perking up my mood, I googled Nonsense Books.  What came up was

A Wrinkle in My Life…

A Wrinkle in My Life. By Jenn Wilbur Lately I have been spending extra time in front of the mirror. Counting. I have never really worked too hard to prevent wrinkles but somehow I was caught off guard by them. They started around my eyes. The results of squinting into the sun and adjusting my vision